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Originally Posted by chevyart
thanks trmnatr and roadkill 2. this problem is making me sick and i dont want to hurt my new engine. wazup has really been helpful along the way with his explanations and i am concerned with the whole hard blocked thing. you explained that the water does not move at all below the bottom of the water pump holes. above that line does the water circulate around the sides of the block, or is there no water movement in sides of the block. at all? my engine has holes drilled and tapped to accept a #6an fitting on each side in aprox center of engine , right above the hard block material. (its a 400 block). i guess the holes were drilled either to drain water or possibly circulate water to this area by tapping the sides of the waterpump and pumping cool water over to the area above the hard block all along the sides of the block.. my manifold does not have bungs in the rear to send lines from front to rear of intake, and there are no tapped holes in the heads to accept lines from either waterpump or lines from thermostat housing area i am.thinking strongly about running the lines from waterpump to holes tapped in block as i explained above. is this a waste of time? also, how do i know if my waterpump is performing.. PS biggest thing i dont understand is the car shoots up to 240 during pass and as soon as i let off the gas it goes back pretty quickly to the 200-210 range. cools down to 180 in 5 minutes(i stop and run waterpump and fan) and is back up to 240-250 by the time i arrive in the pits. does this sound like a radiator problem or waterpump problem thanks art
What is your radiator caps pressure rating and is it holding pressure? (You can check it with a Stant radiator pump)
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