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Originally Posted by chevyart
PS biggest thing i dont understand is the car shoots up to 240 during pass and as soon as i let off the gas it goes back pretty quickly to the 200-210 range. cools down to 180 in 5 minutes(i stop and run waterpump and fan) and is back up to 240-250 by the time i arrive in the pits. does this sound like a radiator problem or waterpump problem thanks art
You're apparently really lean. Fatten the damned thing up until it blubbers and drive it the same distance you have to go on the return road . . if the temp stays down, there's your problem . . If it doesn't (again) Check the temp of the bottom radiator hose. If it's over 145 the water's going through the radiator too fast . .

The 496 we were running was full of hardblok to within about an inch of the deck. The back water transfer holes don't exist on a Dart manifold. As I said before, there was no heating issue at all . . and while we tow the car back, it isn't about engine heat, never had a problem when we drove it back, but we tow to keep the converter temp down and it's a lot easier to cool off (the converter) if it gets back to the trailer at about 180 or a little less . . And as I said above, generally, when the car gets back, the Thermostat housing is about 100 . . Can't ask for anything better than that . . And the 582 behaves almost exactly the same way although it's got a unfilled water jacket . .
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