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Originally Posted by kwkracing
What BBC solid roller lifters are good these days? What are you using? Thanks
pbm makes nothing, they are just boxes with names, the morel lifter is a very good economical unit that runs well. lunati sells the same lifter as well as a ton of vendors. comp uses their own units and all are hippo and very good.

I will say the lifter living has more to do with proper valve train than the lifter itself. springs are key factors as well as push rods and lighter weight components. either way, i have seen 400 passes with the morel and comp units. then again, i have heard and seen of no passes and loose a wheel!
with today's oil's, you most diffenetly need good high zinc oils. this makes engine components last along with frequently serviced oil. oil is cheaper than engines. use nothing with an API LSM oil, its junk. racing oils are the only thing that should be in your hi performance engine
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