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You should be running a stiff sidewall already. With the added power you will really need a stiff sidewall. The soft side wall tires are light construction and have more growth with speed than a stiff side wall. The sidewall wears out before the treed does. The sidewall will develop a memory and wrinkle in the same spot every time, lined up with each rim screw. this is why you should rotate your slicks every weekend once they are broke in. This practice literally doubles the tire life in high powered cars which I know is a relative term. Rotate and you will get the longest possible tire performance.
I think Hoosiers suck. They do not make a tire with 100" roll that is 16" wide without having a section width 4" wider than the tread. This is why you see them mostly on dragsters. Cars can not get enough tread due to the larger section width in there wheel well. This is where mickey thompson and Good year have a lot of tire choices. The good year tires can have the all out best traction but short life D1 compound that is killer on light cars and dragsters and a D6 which is probably what your hot rod may like. I have used Harlow Racing tires in Detroit Michigan to get perfect matched roll out tires. Brian is the owner and is whom you would talk to about what tire is the best for your set up.
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