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Default Blowd up 6.0 again

I blew up my 2007 6.0 for the 4th time in 104k. First three
times it was the EGR cooler. Everytime it got a egr cooler,
oil cooler,injectors and a turbo. The 3rd time it got a cat
converter too. I thought my problems were done for a while.
Those were at 60k, 75k, 90k and now 104k. You could set the
15k trip for failure. This time it looks like a head gasket.
Its a heavy truck and run it pretty hard but that really
shouldnt matter.The 6.0 just isnt made to run hard. Thats
why I got a 2005 Dodge Duelly Cummins in the driveway. I
limped it to the house yesterday but will tow it to the
dealer Monday. I dont even wanna know anything about working
on this POS. I gotta talk the boss into gettin me a Dodge
5500 Cummins next, this 450 just aint cuttin it.
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