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Default what are you smoking

with the economy like it is what are people smoking to ask the prices they are .I know times are tight but some of the prices on here are just funny .A malibu wagon for 30000 come on who would pay that much ,I don't care how nice it is 30000 get a grip ,ratty nova or malibu bodys for 7500 DAMMMM .Things are bad but your racing junk is not worth a million dollars just cause the ad is free ,sorry but so much junk for more than top dollar ,not worth looking at the ads ,cause asking prices are stupid expensive ,and whats with the trade value is higher ,thats a laugh can,t sell it but trade for 2000 more ,I guess everybody thinks there stuff is gold ,but it is still for sale .not worth looking at anything on here cause of stupid prices good bye rj nothing to buy off this site ....................
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