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I bought a 540 long block and now it is back there getting whatever. no inner studs were installed like promised, installed motor and all it did was pressurize my radiator, he says I hurt it.( started the motor it got to 200 degrees in 10 minutes of idling so I called him he said don't worry about it. Next morning car is cold, I popped the radiator cap and boom. He said it is fine) And I am the stupid one. Intake was not torqued, used double intake gaskets glued togeather, water in motor, I can go on and on. I live in Vegas so I took it back and he says he will fix it. I hired a business to do a job, if not fixed I will simply sue him. He was rude and employees come and go that should say alot. A girl put mine togeather which I thought was cool. I will update everyone as to what happens.
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