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ha ha ha ..i love it..the oldest debate in history of racing..almost as good as Chevy vs Ford..
i was a small block guy all my life until 4 years ago and mind you i am into my 40's...well i got my 1st BBC (511 CI) and fell in love...this thing will pull effortless compared to my older small block's.....since then i have aquired a 632 all aluminum Big Block Big chief Motor..sheet metal intake with a pair of Chuck Nugtten dominaters....Although i have not run this motor yet i did watch it run in a 3300 lb vette with a 410 gear and 33 inch talls tires on a PITIFUL TRACK and it ran a 5.01et at 142mph...

keep in mind i have a 2100 lb car and a 4.30 gear...SO WHAT WILL IT RUN ???????

i did have one of the baddest ( my opinion) steel headed small blocks alcohol injected motors on the east coast a couple of years made 1,000 hp at 9% over drive and could have been squeezed a little more...

so there is no replacement for displacement..i am a BBC man for life.


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