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Default Auto parts stores

Why don't replacement parts last anymore? The alternator died on my wife's jeep. I replaced it in January so it 7 months old.I took it back under warranty and they of course had to order it. This was on Monday picked it up yesterday and while still in the store I spun it like I always do. The bearing was making a grinding noise. I left it there and they order anther one. Pick that one up today spun it no noise. I installed it on the jeep and after about 30 seconds or so the bearing started screaming on this on. I removed the belt and spun it by hand and you can hear the bearing grinding.
I made my wife call about this one I was too pissed they order yet anther on and I told my wife to tell
Them I would not accept it unless they tested in front of me when
I pick it up if it makes noise I want a refund. She said the manager was ok with that but I had to wait till tomorrow for them to get in a anther one. So it will take 4 days to do a 30 minute job and 3 trips to the parts store this is crazy. You pay good money for replacement parts you should get good quality part I do not have to worry about leaving my wife stranded on the side of I 40. Needles to say this chain will lose a customer. I stopped buying parts from parts chain a few years ago because of this problem.
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