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I have a brand new Rupert 1250 and an APD 1150 that both have stains from the dyes from lube and the fuel scents. I have an older Rupert that looks about like that on the top. It's used, I expect it to happen when dealing with highly corrosive chemicals that the fuel companies are using in their product and years of use. It doesn't mean the carb is junk and definitely doesn't look like it sat in the bottom of a lake. The nice thing is a little carb or brake cleaner takes most of it off.

Let's see... It's Mike now, it was Orville, Wayne, Nonie44, Lou1320, nuttymnm, bad548nova and a deal on 67 mustang. I can't help but notice all these topics are how people have ripped you off. Starting to look like a trend here. There are people reading that have sent some PM's. They seem to notice the trend as well. At least you did give some positive feedback to the guys at Trick Chassis. That was a bad deal that worked it's self out. They build a quality car.
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