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Default More to blame than the US mail

On Monday, 2/18, Mikeshemi stated he was going to the bank first thing Tuesday (2/19) morning to get a check to put in the mail to me. I phoned Mike on Friday to see if he had sent the check and he stated he had sent it on Tueday but also stated he sent a personal check, not a bank check. No check was received on Friday or Saturday. No check was received today either. I don't know what Mike means when he states "He took my money then sold the rear end to someone else on the weekend before my check arrived." How can I take money from Mike when I have never received any payment from him? Mike also stated that he was questioning whether or not he was going to be able to recover the $1200. The check should have been for $1249 including shipping costs. Did he forget how much the check was supposed to be made out for? The only thing that Mike got right in his post is that I promised to return the check to him immediately if I ever recieve it which I doubt I ever will. If Mike truly feels he might be out the money, he should stop payment on the check shouldn't he? Although it doesn't make much sense to stop payment on a check that was never written does it?

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