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Originally Posted by topsportsman1
Ok folks round two is going to be comming up here in the next week,I am going to go threw the list of members and anyone who hasn't made a post
will get deleted,so if you want to keep your account up,POST UP.This will be final,"0" poster are going to be deleted to get the forum more up to speed.

If you know your name,but forgot the password,PM me with it and I can reset the name and password.All names are the same as out on the classified site,and passwords are the same,so if you can log in out there,you can log in here.

My intentions here is for a more user friendly board,I am trying to see who the real people are and who the spammers are that just come in the forum and make up names and never post,I am stil deleting many names a day here,so I am just trying to get the forum more user friendly.

PlusMore newer updates in the near future for the board,I have been working on it,but it all takes time.More new thing to come for us here at RJ,I think you'll all be impressed when it gets implemented,hahahaha

I need to get with a few more people to make this all happen,It going to be cool for us here. :P

Also I'd like to add,some of you Please make out your profiles,atleast put down where you are from

More good news!!!!!

Thank you Tom for working everyday to keep this site and make it better for us.
We appreciate a nice place to come, visit and not have to worry about the riff raff.

Keep it coming and keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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