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Default ANOTHER SCAM, It shouldn't cost you money to sell your car.

I am selling a Mark Williams super comp dragster,
Fellow named [email protected] used a VOIP (internet phone number) no traceability. Mailed a check for way more than I asked for and asked if I would just send the extra to his "movers". He wanted me to send it to a Walmart in Casper WYoming. Then the next day to a walmart in Victoria TX.
phone numbers used were 512-546-3086, 619-344-9357, 469-227-0198

Got a call from Nantucket Maryland Police Dept. said the check from Nantucket Carpentry was a scam, dont pay. I, of course, didnt pay any money to this guy.
He then calls and is indignant that I haven't wire money yet. He has eastern european accent. poor english. insists his name is "Mark Williams" from 7720 Los Gatos Dallas TX. I look on line, this house is empty and has an open house today.
and what just a coincendence I am selling a Mark Williams dragster to a guy named mark williams?

I talked to local police, said they can't do anything. I called Western Union, they said they can't do anything either.

So these guys commit, check fraud, mail fraud mailing the fake check, wire fraud, and a confidence scheme from eastern europe and we can't do anything about it.

Beware someone sending you checks that look like they were printed on a printer, more than they owe, want you to send them money back. and most of all tell your elderly parents to never send money to anyone. They are preying on us. '

If racing junk could help us out here it would be great.
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