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I wasn't going to say anymore on it cause it goes against what the contrary belief has been circulated for years ....I knew it ( rich ) was going to raise some eye brows when it got

I am far from classifying myself as a Nitrous expert but I have spent many, many summer days/nights at the track under the hood and laying under race cars with experts who run Nitrous. Tony Christian and Steve Kirk just to name a few...Tony runs a mega dose of this stuff...4 stages ALL IN by .08 out.....Tony set up my combo at a private weekend session in Bradenton Fla....So although I am NOT an expert. I know enough about it to know what I cannot do with it and the consequences if I slip up. I run lean...LEAN IS MEAN...My plugs look like they do out of the box after a full power Nitrous pass... I flow the gas solenoids at 5- 1/2 pounds in cool air. We can fudge down to 5 -1/4 and maintain power in more humid air conditions. :shock:

There is so much more we can discuss in relation to Nitrous. I could foresee two more detailed pages worth...I joked around at beginning of this thread and said there are 196 areas to discuss on this topic. Well consider we have covered 5 or 6 areas 190 more to

if any of you guys are interested in keeping the discussion open please feel free to such thing as a dumb question...cause I assure you there is a lot of stuff to go over in many area's..engine,NOS set up,converter,gearing ( which some of you might be surprised), utilizing Gear retards, staging with NOS how and why, what do if car stalls ( and you better know or KABOOM )..Proper bottle pressure and why.....on and on and on.. this can lead down many Rabbit holes ( no pun intended Scott... 8) )

here is a link to my profile. There is a embedded vid from you tube on a shake down hit ( small stage 28/32 jets or 300 shot ). The track was bad and we were experimenting with ramping in 3 degree timing gear retard...

would you believe it if I told you that Nitrous is the BEST chassis tuning tool in racing ?

here is a the you tube link just in case...67 nova stock firewall,steel qtrs , steel roof. 10.5 tires..3,000 lbs... best ET in 1/8th [email protected] mph 1.10 60ft
PAR Big Chief 632ci with two stages .. 600 shot all in by .07 out.

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