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To be perfectly honest I can't afford to build my engines. My motor cost way to much for me to make a simple mistake
and ruin a pile of $. I have taken mine apart several times when I hurt it (from being too rich on the nitrous), but Steve puts it back together. He was the one that talked me into building this heavy nitrous motor in the first place. I payed him our normal agreement to make it into an all out nitrous motor and he does the rebuilds / freshen ups for free labor or very little labor. Matter of fact he's been on me for several years to come to his shop and freshen it there with his help so I can do it when I need it overnight.

My motor guy is still a racing guy. He'll go with to the track with his engines and he will freshen them overnight while the owner / driver sleeps. You can go to bed with a hurt motor or burnt pistons and wake up in the morning with a fresh motor! He loves that kind of stuff!!

This reminds me of something he and I were just laughing about last week. A few years ago I switched from C16 to Q16. The motor would literally chock you and make your eyes water. I made him drive the truck so he'd fix it. Needless to say as soon as he could get back to the trailer he started snatching out the air bleeds in the carb and fixed it! lol He lived in WV and I was racing in south Ga, but he made the trip to watch me race and to help me out!! I couldn't get that kind of service from anybody else!!
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