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Normally aspirated 582 BBC, Pro Systems SV-1 Carb on top.

The Carb was converted by Pro systems to alky and doesn't seem to have any problems once we got the fine tuning dialed in . . Had to fatten up the Air Bleed Jets and go up about 10 steps on the mains but so far, so good . .

Love that frickin' Carburetor and before we got it, I never thought a carb was much good for much of anything.

But we were told by an associate who runs an Enderle Injected 468 in a 2200# door car in the high 8's that it's the "Hot Tip" . .

We thought we ought to try it and was just asking about other racer's general experience with it . . .

And Thanx for all the input . . . If we get our ducks inna row, I'll let you know how it worked for us by the middle of next month . .
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