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Actually, Walter's editorial had to do with the "Culture" that seems to have been created among our minorities and the less educated white population.

In it he outlines who, in America, have become the victims as well as the predators. And they turn out to be the same group . .

Now, how you turn that around is a question that a smarter guy than me can answer . .

You really cannot "Ban" anybody, that would be even dumber than banning any gun because of the actions of a very few, or for that matter, banning Cheeseburgers because they can be linked to heart disease.

I think part of it is Government, part of it is Apathy on the part of the average American, part of it is the liberal's attempts to beat down religion and morality, with Christianity being the biggest target, and part of it is our failure to educate our youth . .

I do believe that education is probably the key, but until we remove the Federal Government from dictating the sybullus' that we expose our young students to as "Experiments", that, so far, haven't worked as well as the one room schoolhouse, we're not going to have students that can even read, let alone run the country when we're gone . .

And if the current cultural trends continue, everyone in the country will be speaking in Eubonics and shooting at each other . .

Nothing racial here, just looking at the trends and the numbers . .
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