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chevyluv1981 08-27-2007 10:45 PM

replacing body bushings?
I'm about to replace the body bushngs on an old suburban my friend uses to pull his race car. I've never done this and I believe in theory all I need to do is unbolt the body, jack it up a little, put in the new bushings and then pyt it all back together. a little more detail would be good as well as any tips or tricks. also is this a one or two person job.

chevguy65 08-28-2007 04:21 AM

Not an expert here but I have been told to do one side at a time.
I think to keep everything lined up, but also because it is easier...again, not the expert, but that is what I was told on my 65

chevyluv1981 09-01-2007 12:28 PM

cool. i've been told that doing one at a time is another good way to go. I think im about to tackle it. thanks for the help

Bubstr 09-01-2007 02:57 PM

The suburban is fairly rigid from the doors back and should be no trouble.
I would first insure that all the fasteners from the fender to cowl are tight and not able to slip. Bottom and top. Insure that the bumpers are square with body and have good gaps. Then loosen all the body mounts. There may or may not be shims at each mount, but if there are keep them straight to put back in. Then replace all the rubber mounts, install the shims where they where and align with the bumpers. The bumpers are mounted to the frame. Then tighten from rear to front going side to side. Then check the door gaps. If the doors open and close good and have good gaps you did well. If not the fender to cowl may have slipped or you mixed up shims.

Most suburbans won't have shims behind the cowl because the body is actually more rigid than the frame. That goes for full frame chevy and ford trucks.

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