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hotrod1994 07-14-2013 06:36 PM

so im putting a sbc together and wanna know if it would handle a 50 shot 75 shot 100 shot?
rods say they are "good" to 550 im should make close to 500 on motor
they are 5140 forged rods do you think they will handle 7000rpm with a little spary?
pistons are speed pro coated hyper pistons 11:1

Swiley383 07-14-2013 06:49 PM

I would much rather have 4340 H beam rods and forged pistons at that RPM you may be pushing the limits. That said I know of lots of people running sbc motor to around 6500 with stock rods. I built mine for longevity with H beams and forged pistons and I don't run nitrous. Without forged pistons do not let it go lean and be carful with the timing.

mytmouz 07-14-2013 07:00 PM

No spray on the hypers, first time you detonate, one will break...

hotrod1994 07-15-2013 12:27 AM

im not so worried about the pistons they were 200 bucks a set not a bad price as long one doesn't explode and damage the cylinder or the head. im more worried about the rods. do i need spray no but an extra 100 hp isnt a bad thing in my opinion

bjuice 07-15-2013 07:29 AM

No hypers with gas !!!..Forged #1 rule when running gas..among 196 other things..

I have to ask..if thats how you felt about running Hypers with gas why ask ?

Just wondering ?

For the record you DO NOT have to detonate to damage a hyper running NOS. The piston matrial CANNOT handle the wear and tear of matter if small shot.

Also do you realize when you break rotating parts it destroys other parts..A broke piston can wipe out your heads,crank;rods, block other small parts as well..I have seen oil pump and distributer gear wiped out as well. ...could you replace all this plus labor for $200 ?...Why not spend $150-$200 more now and get right parts for application and save thousands ?????? I never have understood this mind set. ...

I take time to answer post like this cause I am the admin on this site over last 10 years. I feel RJ members deserve it..If I were on any other site I would not have responded.

Their are some smart people on this site when it comes to answering questions. You were given good advise by Mytmouz...

roadkill2 07-15-2013 08:00 AM

I'll probably get my tit in a wringer on this, but, Juice is like robbing banks, you're going for the big result but the inevitible consequences aren't usually pleasant.

If you want an instant 100-200 Hp on demand, you will pay for it, either before, by building a bullet proof Bullet or by picking up your puzzle at half track.

I suppose Nitrous has it's place, and there's guys who use it with few negative consequences, but if you're tuned right, running 'em lean and then making 'em leaner on top is a sure fire path to an uncontrolled BANG!

Just sayin'

bjuice 07-15-2013 09:14 AM

I run a total of 600 Shot..tuned to of best parts and still got to change Rods,Pistons,Rings valve Job and springs 70/80 passes under full power no more than 100..and you better be checking lash,leakdown constant fuel pressure before every pass. I could go on and on..Its a $4500 preventive maintenance but when your running All Aluminum Big Chief 632ci plus ...its peanuts to what a small broken rotating piece could cost....Sorry but when I hear someone sweating a few hundred in this racing game I shake my head..Its NOT a poor mans sport and unfortunatley I have seen too many guys try this RACE game but should have taken care of business at home. ..I am getting off subject a little but NOT really.

To un-popular belief more engines are hurt at the track running Gas for being too rich than lean..but lean does it as well.j

curtisreed 07-15-2013 11:49 AM

Here are some ramblings from me on the OP's question.

The first thing I think when I read the first post is this. Put aside the NOS question and look at your statement. You are building a motor that should make 500hp, your rods are rated to 550hp and you want someone to tell you that it will be ok to shoot 50-100 more on it? Plus you didn't even say what specific rods they are.

Hypereutectic pistons really don't like detonation. The guys told you that and you didn't like the answer. Those pistons are pretty good in their intended environment. The problem is that if your tune is off some or you get a little oil passed your rings you have traveled outside of the envelope of safe operating parameters for hypereutectic pistons.

500hp with a small dome and 5140 rods is a good decent running small block. If you want to make 600hp build the motor to do that. Don't try and do it with a 500 max hp build and be disappointed.

This is just my humble opinion so take it for what it cost.


TheYellaBrick 07-15-2013 12:07 PM

Did I read that he wanted to build a one pass grenade ? No ? Sounds like that's what he wants cuz that's EXACTLY what he will get if he continues upon this path. 500-550 hp is a lot of power that will last a while if built properly.
HotRod, speed costs money, how fast you wanna go, for MANY times or just a handful, if that ?

hotrod1994 07-15-2013 01:07 PM

so no spray i got that part thanks it was just an idea id have to run a high gear instead of my 4.88 and pick up a nitrous converter anyway. i never siad i didn't like the answer!! i take all the info i get from you guys and put it to good use

yeah racing is the rich mans game but im out to prove the broke guys that build cars put of their single car garage can hang with the guys with tens of thousands of dollars. my dad and uncles did it and im gonna do the same regardless of who tells me different

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