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cbgarage 10-18-2013 10:35 AM

Toterhome Preferences
I'm looking at buying a Toterhome for next season and have some questions that I'm sure you guys/gals can answer.
Obviously the Topkick or Kodiak are VERY popular but knowing how a U-Haul rides, I wasn't sure that would be the best choice. How do the Toters compare to the U-Haul's? Are they as loose feeling in the steering and as bouncy? If so, I guess you guys just deal with it and roll on or is there a solution?

Then the next thing was, I have seen a few older model Peterbuilts and Freightliners. How do they ride and is the size and fact it has 10 or 12 speeds make it a pain in the a$$ and just more beneficial to stick with the GMC or Chevy?

Obviously price is the factor here.....nice looking Topkicks and Kodiaks go for $20-50K whereas Pete's and Liners go for $50-100k. What is the best bang for the buck?

Just wanted some feedback from some people who have owne, rode, and slept in both to help make a decision on what would be best for me and my family.


jmtire 11-18-2013 01:47 PM

Did a rv conversion on a 93 gmc topkick uhaul. ride isnt bad with trailer attached. mine looks just fine. done the whole truck for less than 8,000.

blonkos 12-12-2020 08:16 AM

Did a rv transformation on a 93 gmc topkick uhaul. ride isnt terrible with trailer connected. mine looks fine and dandy

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