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bpmustang347 06-01-2016 01:55 AM

More Scammers to add to the list
I received 2 different messages from some idiots wanting to purchase an item I have for sale. Please add these phone numbers to the scammers list. (862)397-1857 & (661)468-9319. They both wanted to send checks even though my add said PayPal only. I sent the 2nd # just my address and he sent a bogus check for 3x the amount of the item. The bank verified the bogus check from "Credit Union Bank" in Riverdale, UT. I filed a police report and they took the check as evidence.

jasonfitzpatrick 06-10-2016 05:47 PM

I nearly fell for the same scam. He texted saying the check was for 3x my asking price plus a ridiculous shipping amount. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been suspicious. Same (661)-468-9319 phone number. I did a search for the phone number and this thread came up.

SparkyR59 09-13-2016 01:31 PM

i just had the same kind of text massage but with different numbers (980)-292-6560 --- (325)-268-2074 --- (971)- 599-1168 each number was 2 weeks apart but the same text content
"Are you sure it neat and the condition is great? if yes pls provide me with your name and address to make a certified check to your mailing address and it will be out tomorrow. pick up arrangement will be made after check is confirmed and clear at your bank. thanks"
i just replay back to them with a fake name and i lived at 123 dippedoda lane scammers Tx 00100 needless to say i havent heard back yet i choose Tx because the first # was from Texas

also if you get far with them thay will send you a usps tracking number and then say you need to pick it up at the local post office and it will be there

i hope this info will help so others can avoid them

Harbone 09-13-2016 04:26 PM

Great job guys!
Keep posting up any email addresses or phone numbers so everyone knows

hendo7 11-19-2016 04:40 PM

Heres one for you all to be aware of, 305 900 2521 [email protected]

s1mpsons 11-22-2016 06:20 AM

Originally Posted by hendo7 (Post 1529460)
Heres one for you all to be aware of, 305 900 2521 [email protected]

Confirmed scammer. Also has phone number 513-294-8082

Says his name is Bruce Sinclair.

Other details from his scamming emails:

"PayPal Policy

The total sum of $29,100.00 USD has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been "APPROVED" but it will not be credited into your account (For Security Purpose) until you send the requested $1,500.00 USD via Western Union Transfer which serves as a security measure received and processed.

Questions? Go to the Help Center at

See below for the information on how to send the funds via Western Union.
Information On How To Complete Your Transaction

As mentioned in the payment receipt and as per the new PayPal payment policy, we have fully deducted the total sum of $29,100.00 USD from the buyer's account and it cannot be refunded to her due to the terms and conditions for this transaction. Your money is safe and secure with us but it has been put on HOLD for security purpose and will not be credited into your account until we receive the PICK UP FEE from you.

Here is what you need to do?

Kindly go to the nearest Western Union shop/your Local Post office with cash and ask for the Western Union section, fill in the transfer form with the appropriate details.
Send the sum of $1,500.00 USD (cash) to the details below:

Name: Tim Wright
City: Indianapolis
Zip- Code:46229
Country: U.S.A.

A Mtcn# Number would be given to you by Western Union. Kindly send the below information to us as soon as you have completed the Western Union transfer so that we can credit your account instantly:

- Sender's Name and Address
- MTCN Number
- Telephone number
- Total Amount Sent
- Test question and Answer (if applicable)"

BigBlockMark 11-22-2016 03:07 PM

Anthony J Finn, Bellwood Illinois. 630 880 3622. Scammed at least 5 people with fake ads in September 2016 on Racing Junk. He posted pictures of items for sale he did not send to buyers. At least one ads picture is from another ad on Racing Junk. Complaint filed with Illinois Attorney General, Consumer Fraud Bureau. See topics about him on this forum below.

Anyone near him that wants to help please contact me. PM me.

robbietee 03-12-2017 10:54 PM

BStClair tried scam on me also,fyi

robbietee 03-12-2017 10:58 PM

Bstclair tried scam on me,working with someone else,will try find email and post.said he was looking for car for cousin.
IDIOT ----Hate a thief!

Stangman302 03-16-2017 06:47 AM

I also got one from BRCsinclair which I ignored sounded like a scam. I also got 2 text from different numbers saying his name was Benjamin Thompson. One said he was in Cali other one said he was in MS. Wanting to pay Paypal sight unseen and have a shipper pick up. Once I called him out on the 2 numbers he disappeared. 510-447-5343 & 363-742-2465 He tried to claim second number was his wife. Until I forwarded the one saying he was in MS. Then he was gone.

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