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ken0069 01-06-2019 08:22 AM

Well, here I am again. Had a "nibble" from a guy in Alabama before Christmas and I let the ad run out just before then and told the guy that the car was still for sale but the ad wouldn't be back up until after the first of the year.

Put it back up a few days ago and got a hit from a guy in New Mexico? Dayumnit! Where are all the buyers on the East coast?? Ennywho, he's requested more pictures so I'll check with him to see what else he wants to look at.

Wish me luck ............................again!

fla1976 01-27-2019 05:16 PM

Good luck again.

ken0069 03-18-2019 04:46 PM

Humm, guy in Alabama called me again two weeks ago. We talked for about half an hour and he wanted pics of the trailer. So I told him to send me an Email again so I'd have his address and I never heard back from him either?? DYUMNIT? I must be doing something wrong cuz that's about 4 guys that have "seemed" like they were potential buyers but turned out to just be tire kickers. It's almost been a year now since I first advertised it on here and NO ONE has even made me a counter offer on it?

Ennywho, I've got a couple of things I'm going to do to the car and then try to get it back on RJ in mid April.

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