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Harbone 06-15-2015 09:26 AM

1979 Pontiac Trans Am 400 4-speed
Sold the 2000 Trans Am to a guy in Memphis and picked up this beauty on my birthday at the end of May
400 4-speed hardtop with A/C, power windows, deluxe interior, AM/FM CB radio and 4 wheel disc brakes. 1 of less than 2500 W72 cars built in 1979 and the last year for the Poncho motor.
Retains all her original sheet metal with a professional repaint about 1 year ago.
She came with all her original parts that had been replaced over the years, alternator, starter, ac compressor, stock camshaft and even the original pistons that were replaced when the motor was refreshed a few years back.
I plan on rebuilding the stock alternator, starter and ac compressor and reinstalling them over time.
The current AC is fully functional and already converted to R134

Harbone 06-15-2015 09:27 AM ___

jayvee34 06-15-2015 09:35 AM

You started in the right Thread, "SHOW OFF", lol.
Seriously, that is a beauty, know you are proud.

Swiley383 06-15-2015 04:33 PM

Nice car really like the 400/4 speed combo.

Swiley383 06-28-2015 02:31 PM

How many miles have you put on her so far?

Harbone 07-02-2015 04:43 AM

Swiley I have actually racked up about 500 miles in the last 30 days. There hasnt been to many bugs to sort out so its been jump in and go!

Swiley383 07-02-2015 11:21 AM

More miles than I have got put on my mustang the last couple years. Other stuff keeps happening preventing me form getting out. Came home yesterday and found stuff missing from outside the house. We have been fighting thieves the last month or so. Found out to the people across the street had the windows shot out of there car and truck with a pellet gun. I have been wanting get the mustang out and ride around since the wheather warmed up it just has not happened.

lively 07-14-2015 06:40 PM

Very clean firebird !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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