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mytmouz 03-06-2014 10:52 PM

No roweling here. I just pointed out the fact that it is not always the seller at issue.

If it takes three months to make a sale to someone overseas, even if you get your asking price, that is three months of interest you lose.

Dealing with someone for 3 months then knocking off 5 grand, yeah I am not that patient lol...

And a refundable 'deposit' is not really a deposit...

Of course, the good thing about my personal point of view is I still have it... :D

Harbone 03-07-2014 08:26 AM

Originally Posted by mytmouz
Of course, the good thing about my personal point of view is I still have it... :D

yes!!!!!!!! :D

shybx1969 03-13-2014 06:26 AM

Im just gonna add a few things to this conversation.First of all generally most people i KNOW i trust..But let me tell you why i hava bad taste in my mouth about TRUST...I bought a ranger 4whldr a few yrs back.Price was reasonable guy seemed nice, he looked at me and said (this is no lie) , Im a good christian everything i told you is the truth....ok 3 days later 4 wheel drive wouldnt go in, one of the switch on the fly setups, ok i calmly called the guy just too see if he had, had any probs and if he did what did he do too fix it...He told me too #$%^%^ up my u know what and dont call me again. :D As it turned out it was doctored up, and truck was old enough that i really didnt wasnt (worth spending $$$ on).So i drove a couple yrs in 2 whldrive. Yes i spent only 2500 bux but still i wanted 4whldr. Ok about 10 yrs ago i bought a 83 buick riv convert, paid 5k for body was nice, ran pretty good or so i thought, car turned out to be a nitemare, electrical probs and all.Finally 2 yrs later sold for 1/2 of what i paid for it..and yes i told the guy what was wrong and what it needed. So you gents tell me who u would trust when buying from a stranger. :roll:

shybx1969 03-13-2014 06:43 AM

But i must add most racers ive dealt with have been a pretty honest group, must be in our upbringing... 8) What u see i what u get, yes im sure thier are a few crooks out thier. But the sceamers/scimmers/liars/go to carlisle buy a junk for 1500, doctor up, sell to a unsuspecting buyer for 4-5k, run with his loot to the bank guys are generally in the old car orig to good to be true hobby.Ide rather buy or trade for a shell . Now my chevelle i traded my harley tool box for...Yes itsa 4 door but body was clean, 307 ran like crap, but the guy didnt try to hide that fact either.And i respect that.Its notta 2 dr but i putta nice small block in it and im happy, and he even did a full disc brake conversion on car, so he lost money but he wanted tool box to go with his not all people r bad.... :D

longm1958 04-23-2014 08:17 AM

RJ is becoming a joke with guys asking rediculous amounts for their cars, parts etc. If you think your car is worth so much, then taking the time to send enough info, (pics included) to justify said asking price shouldn't be an issue. Selling on any site attracts every yahoo looking for a bargain, look at Craigslist. Lots of buyers here are just looking for a car to flip at your (seller) expense.

If you cannot stand to deal with clowns, then don't try to sell to clowns. Its the nature of the beast. Get over it and move on.

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