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BEAST477 08-04-2009 03:59 PM

Ultradyne Cams???
Anyone have any experience with them? Was wondering if anyone has heard if the ramps on the closing side of the lobes are to quick and possibly bounce the lifters off the cam?

fla1976 08-04-2009 04:29 PM

Ultradyne cams
here is some info that was on another forum.

elkymann 08-04-2009 05:27 PM

One of the best
Like it says in the title, in my opinion, one of the best cam guru's around, U.D. Harold can make magic with steel hands down. Fast closing ramps yet controlled, and I make a ton of power with my UD cam. 505cuin's in my 3600 lb camino runs 9.80's on motor alone, 10.5 tire and a glide, need I say more??? They gave me exactly what I wanted for power in an engine. Call Bullet Cams as they baught Ultradyne out and talk to Tim Goolsby, he was U.D. Harold's grinder from way back.
Thanks fla1976 :D



russ67chevelle 08-04-2009 07:28 PM

thank you fla1976 for the copy of the write up of udharold....i knew some of his credentials, but now more than ever im convinced that i want a cam made for me in my 572.

long live udharold

zipper06 08-04-2009 07:58 PM

I've got a .725/.725 that i'm going to use in a 496 build up for a customer, i liked the #'s and i think it will perform well. I did think he was now working for Bullit, but i guess i was wrong on that evulation, i do know that Partage bought the Ulterdyne shop, and now do mostly repair and regrinds. I do have a rental house just 8 miles from Senatobia Ms. so i think i will will be calling on him for some advice, maybe stop by and say hello. Thanks for letting us know on the where about of one of the best cam designers in the US.


cepx111 08-04-2009 09:00 PM

Copied from

1969---Went to work for State of Mississippi as computer operator, rose to be lead operator at CDPA, Central Data Processing Agency.
1972---Began working on cam design program in my spare time.
Dec 15, 1972---Sold 310AP SBC solid to Reed Cams, Georgia, for $125.00.
1973---Made $3000 selling to Reed, Isky, Engle, Norris.
1974---Designed Reed's RxxxULX line of rollers, and a lot more, including Benny Parson's 1975 Daytona 500-winning cam. Also Shirl Greer's TF/FC NHRA National Champion Nitro Funny car cam, designed for Norris, and it was a True Chrysler flat tappet, with .438" lobe lift.
1974---Became General Kinetics' cam designer, worked with people like Bill Jenkins and Jack Roush on the cams for their ProStockers.
1976---Jenkins wins Pro Stock Natinal Championship, with GK doing large-barrel cams.
1977---I start in January with Competion Cams, as their original cam designer. Over the next 3 years, I design them hundreds of cams, including the 268 High Energy. I introduce them to the unsymmetrical cam.
1979---I write them their 1st in-house cam design program. Before that, we shared a program with Cam Dynamics.
1980---After negotiating since late 1976 for some stock ownership in Competition Cams, I leave and start UltraDyne on April 1st, 1980. The 1st month I design the 288/296F5 and the 288/296R6, the 2 most popular cams I ever made.
1981---In September, I hire my 1st employee, Mike O'Neal, who ran my shop, made all my models and masters, etc.
1982---We're running 2 shifts, from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Tim Goolsby comes to work for me, he is Mike's brother-in-law. I also design UltraDyne's first hydraulic cams, such as the 272, the 276, the 288/296H.
From then on until 2000, we all just worked. UltraDyne grossed over $1.2 Million a year from 1990 to 1999.
2000---A number of independent factors began to take their toll---Federal Mogul acquiring my 2 major solid lifter core manufacturers, and their later Chapter 11, Lifter companies disappearring, tremendous cash-flow problems in the end of 2000, initially triggered by the UPS strike---We lost around $50,000 in the strike.
2001---A un-named cam company in Memphis hires 8 of my 12 employees, and 2 more just leave because they think --that's it. Only Tim and Gail are left with me.
2001-2003---UltraDyne is in the Chapter 11 'Death Spiral'. I take a $0 salary for 2002, and pump all my, and my wife's, retirment money into UltraDyne, along with all the equity I could get on my house, etc, etc, etc.
June 2003---Everything is gone, the government locks the doors.
August 2003---I go to work at Lunati, charged with completely re-doing their entire line of cams. Mike is already there, waiting for me, along with Steve Slavik, who worked for me for 13 years (Mike for 19...). Then I meet the corporate world.....
Oct 2004---Lunati introduces the VooDoo cams. And they really work good.....

This has been the line and times of a cam designer, and even with the down sides, it has been the time of my life, and I'm going to stay at it as long as I can.....

No comments are necessary, you are all a great bunch, and as that Great American, Minnie Pearl, said, "I'm just so proud to be here!"



elkymann 08-05-2009 05:39 AM

Re: Ultradyne Cams???

Originally Posted by BEAST477
Anyone have any experience with them? Was wondering if anyone has heard if the ramps on the closing side of the lobes are to quick and possibly bounce the lifters off the cam?

Seems your question never really got answered so here goes my best shot. Harold has his own designe obviously that worked, and still works today, and many companies have gotten help from him in the cam department. As I talked with Tim Goolsby, he mentioned that the fast closing ramps were part of the power found in his designs, although you mentin lifters bouncing off of lobes, in my opinion, if your lifters bounce off of cam lobes, you didn't have a good engine builder, or you have over revved your engine and caused damage due to insufficent valve spring pressure and correct setup with them.

I am not a guru like Tim, or Harold, but if your valve geometry on your rocker arms, springs and pushrods are in the best of what you can afford to do what you want them to do, and you have talked with Tim or Mike, or Harold about the setup of each of Harold's cams that you have selected to use, than you shouldn't have a problem with any of your valvetrain and power made by any of his cams, PERIOD!!! :D

Look at his accomplishments and who he worked with and WHAT THEY DID with his comonents!!!!! Bill Jenkins!!!!! who is he??? only the man who put Pro Stock on there ears in the early 70's with his Camaro and Vega, and who is this Jack Roush guy too??? only the MOST sucessful auto motive racing gentelman from Ford roots, who still makes power and money as from evidence on TV from Nascar, and thru the NMRA and now the NMCA series of drqag racing events held over the Eastern Seabord, and Midwestern areas. Did you know that Harold created the line of VooDoo cams for Lunati???? yep he's the man in m book, and the roller cam I have in my 505, Harold and I talked about it and he was so excited about this grind and one other grind that were his pride & joy of his accomplishments over the years, and did you know that his cam, was in a vehicle that won the Leman's 24 hour race a while back????

So, if you buy an Ultradyne cam, and can't make great power, and have engine issue's with it, you have not done your homework, or have chosen the engine builder that will help you the correct way, all I can say, and I bet many wil agree on this segment. The cams work great when setup correctly with the right springs and related parts. Call Tim or Mike and ask them to explain WHY, you should buy Ultradyne over any of the other cam companies out there and sit back and ABSORB!!!!!! the info. :D Good luck and I hope you choose the best, ULTRADYNE. :lol:


BEAST477 08-05-2009 12:34 PM

Thanks guys for the response. I am running an Ultradyne in my 540 right now with no complaints. A friend of mine is running the same one and found a lifter with a flat spot. Second time for a lifter problem, so was just curious. Thanks again.

cepx111 08-05-2009 09:13 PM

Originally Posted by BEAST477
A friend of mine is running the same one and found a lifter with a flat spot. Second time for a lifter problem.

Sounds like a oiling issue - making the rollers lock-up.

I've never seen a cam cause flat spots on a lifter.


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