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482 02-20-2009 02:52 PM

More 8)

superbadass532 02-20-2009 04:54 PM

Hi robsbird, Thanks for your support! I did get the filter that failed back from Fram. I guess you read the rest of this thread. I did go to court and took the filter with me as well as a new Fram and a Wix both cut apart so I could show the judge. If you get a chance to cut those filters apart do, you will be amazed at the diff in the two! The Fram is a peice of Crap! It looks like its made from carboard. After seeing that I wouldn't run the Fram filter on my lawnmower! It really didn't make any diff the judge would'nt rule in my favor because I did'nt present my case as well. It was small claims court and I thought I would have a better and fare chance because it was small claims , I guess not! The judge did say if it was up to him based on his heart he would have ruled in my favor? Well that sure didn't help me recoup some of the $4-5,000 lose I have because of the FRAM filter failture!

FRANKNSTEIN 05-01-2009 05:37 AM

had the same issue on my new 406 had a "F---" on it and after second start oil pressure was 20 psi and stayed there. when i first started it it was 65 psi. put a napa 1060 on it went right back to 65. thanks for the comments about "F---" I WILL NEVER USE ONE AGAIN AND I AM TELLING EVERYONE I RACE WITH AND KNOW ABOUT THERE PROBLEMS



Scooterz 05-01-2009 10:36 AM

F: Further

R: Raping

A: All

M: Motors

TheYellaBrick 05-01-2009 11:46 AM


Sounds like our Government :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

MowerPower2U 05-02-2009 07:28 PM

I owned an automotive shop for several years.About ninety percent of the engines that came to the shop for rebuilds had Fram filters on them.One of my friends brought his truck in because of no oil pressure(Fram filter) Crank,Rods and Mains were fried.I took the filter apart and there was no element or check valve inside.Only thing was the can and a loose spring inside it.
I put a sign up alerting customers about Fram filters.I had three customers who swore by them and told me they didn't think they were that bad.I ask them to take a trip with me and they agreed.So i took the next day off and closed the shop.We visited salvage yards in a 250 mile radius.We counted engines in their scrap engine piles and noted the filters on each.Then we went to their good engine storage area and noted all the engines and filter type.We counted over 700 scrap engines,All but 6 had Fram filters.We counted over 1,100 good engines only 2 had Fram filters.
Needless to say,They were convinced.When we got back to my shop one of the guy's opened his storage box on his truck and took out 6 Fram filters and threw them in my trash can and looked at me and said "I had no idea.No more of these for me"!

MowerPower2U 05-02-2009 07:34 PM

Fram Filters :x

F: Felt

R: Robbed

A: And

M: Molested

MEMRACING62 05-02-2009 07:37 PM


MEMRACING62 05-02-2009 07:43 PM


THERATTLER 05-03-2009 05:34 AM

N H R A :( :( WHAT A BAD JOKE :!:

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