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bones427 03-23-2008 08:06 AM

best oil and weight
I was wonder what the best oil to use and weight ? i've been told to use 20w 50 and brad pen oil or redline 10w 30, Thanks for any help!

harley12110 03-23-2008 01:14 PM

bg 20w50 full synthetic part # 732 or semi synthetic part # 777 awesome oil and less money than penn

russ67chevelle 03-24-2008 07:53 AM

bearing dimensions will have big part on which grade of oil to run.sloppier bearing clearances use thicker oil.tighter bearing equals thiner..etc...if running flat tappet cam zinc and phosphorus additive is GOOD to use

bones427 03-25-2008 04:48 AM

what is bg oil and where do you get? i,m runninga soild roller cam

russ67chevelle 03-26-2008 11:56 AM

i would consult with your engine builder!!!!!if you built motor yourself,oil pressure would be a good sign of which grade oil.solid roller means no need for zinc or phosphorus.i run castrol 20-50 fossil oil in my roller 572.but i drain it out often.

hammertime 03-26-2008 12:29 PM

VR1 Valvoline racing oil 20/50 I am going to try the 10/30 this year also.
If I could get the Brand Penn easier then I can I'd try it also.

zipper06 03-27-2008 02:47 PM

Originally Posted by hammertime
VR1 Valvoline racing oil 20/50 I am going to try the 10/30 this year also.
If I could get the Brand Penn easier then I can I'd try it also.

Man David,
Ain't that the truth, Brad Penn can be bought on Ebay for $45.00 a case but the shipping is $23.00, there's no place in La. that i can find that sells BP, so i' stuck useing other products.


Tod74 03-27-2008 04:05 PM

what is so special about the BP oil? I have heard/ read many people say it is the best.

ImBack 03-27-2008 07:52 PM

I use Brad Penn also ,20-50 $4 a qt. Check circle track shops they tend to use it more? Williams Precision Engines built my motor,he stocks it 765-525-4825

fishman1 03-28-2008 12:07 AM

I think one responds was mising in this discusion and that is high volume oil pumps as if u have a 2 tight bearing clearnce u might not be able to tun high volums oil pumps and only a standarn pump as the the bearing clearnace didcates wieght of oil and what oilpump u lower bearing clearnce will need lower weight oil and not high pressure pumps to get it through the smalller clearnces were the higher beary clearnces not heavy oil viscoity and the higher voulume pump................if you disgree with plase feel and explain to me were my thinking has gone wrong.............thanks al..

main bearing with a 2 thou clearnce with use a standard pumpwith alighter oil like a 15-40 or a 10-30
mainberaing with a 3+ thou clerance with use a higher volume oil pump and higher oil like 20 50 wieght.................i have also that for every ten degree hotter u r installing your bearing grow 1 thou....................foood for though

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