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bjuice 12-10-2007 07:46 PM

no-one knows or has an idea who has done what..the really sad thing here is that this situation was aired to the general forum when it should have been taken up with whom Carl thinks screwed with him..period..this had no business having anyone else on the forum was stated earlier he ( Carl) feels 99.9% sure who did this to him so he should have went to his suspicion... IMO.If the pm thing didn't work then use the phone. Carl chose to make this a public spectacle and get everyone involved.,,un-neccesarry,I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT NOW NOR WILL I EVER

i dont think there are many men on this site that will continue to lay there and take a lashing for doing nothing and not respond at all.

Tom McDunnah runs this board..not PJ or anyone else...

I also devote my FREE time to make this forum a better place for all members to come and share ideas and have fun...

From my position i will not tolerate anyone degrading,threatning or making any UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS which disturbs this board...If i see this i will post in BIG BOLD letters i am Deleting your trash talking..its all about respect guys and there is a WRONG and RIGHT way to handle all things....

i hope this ends now..

By the way if anyone was on last week around Thursday..i posted a thread in the 'General Section" in which i expalined "Quain Stott" will be helping me set up my vette...Guess what ? was deleted within 3 hours of me posting the thread....

i hope a few of you had a chance to see the thread i am speaking of..cause it got gone pretty fast...


Racefab57 12-10-2007 10:31 PM

DAM, I MISSED THAT ONE,bj can you do er again? gosh dont fight, figure it out guys, David.

Tod74 12-11-2007 04:04 AM


chevguy65 12-11-2007 04:23 AM

I appreciate what all of you have to say and respect your opinions, the same way I would like to be respected for mine.

Now, if you read the first 6 posts, Tom appears to be in agreement with me.
He has also stated (not to me and in the past) that as an admin he can see what and who deleted, edited etc any posts.

Now, this may have been an act of a hacker, but in my past dealings with hackers, they do not operate this way.

In most cases they will mess up the site, re-direct the page to a porn site, or simply gut the entire board.
Hackers have more to do than to delete a few peoples posts.

All I asked and all I am asking is for the person responsible to man up and pm or call me and explain why my posts and info from my signature was deleted.

I am not going to put myself to Tom's level and have some all out brawl in here like he wants.

I respect my friends here and the other members to not stoop to that level.

Some of you have called and pm'd me and I appreciate your support here.
Thank you!!!!

topsportsman1 12-11-2007 08:51 AM

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