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ZombieRacing460 07-29-2009 08:28 PM

1994 Mustang Big Block Conversion
I'm putting a 460 and C6 in a 94 Stang. Trying to find out what kind of headers I'll need to slide it in. Please help

kuhn1941 12-24-2009 03:00 AM

460 headers in your 94 stang
Kooks or lemons also hooker headers are made for this go to there websites (or google there names find there websites) .The 94/95 stang carries the same front suspension and frame as a 87-93 stang that helps too for fitting headers (the aftermarket tubular k members also fit these years the same 94/95 same as 87-93 ) .These header makers (lemons/kooks ) make the headers for sbc/bbc installed in the mustang //so you can find the actual ford big block going in the ford product. have a great time building your project .

Harbone 12-24-2009 05:01 AM

I had a set of Kooks on my 91 Stang with a 460 nad a C6, I also had a QA1 crossmember that really opened things up. The Kooks were 4 into 1 headers so each tube was installed individually and then connected to the others at the collector. I had lots of room to get to the plugs, no clearance issues except where my steering shaft came down from the firewall to the flaming river rack, had to put 1 small indention in the the header to clear the shaft. The Kooks are nice cause you dont have to pull the engine or loosen the motor mounts and pull the engine up or side to side. just slide each tube in and bolt to the heads.

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