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Mudmut 05-28-2010 10:19 PM

Magneto or NOT
Hey guys, with a Blown 427 BBC converting to alky do I have to use as Magneto?
I have been spending a lot time on the website trying to learn as much as I can. It seems as I read more I have more questions. Most of the guys that I see running blown alky engines have magnetos or talk about magnetos.
My TRUCK is a MUD, TRAIL and STREET truck, so do I have to run a magneto, or should I run one. Current ignition is MSD Distributor, MSD 6AL Box, and Mallory Coil. I don't remember exactly which coil.
Thanks everyone for your advice and experience that you share, it is greatly appreciated. I hope that everyone has a Safe Memorial Day weekend. PLEASE take the time to thank a solider PAST and PRESENT for all that they sacrificed. They truly do need to know that we stand not only behind them but are willing to stand BESIDE them when needed.
Thank you for your time.
Be Safe

Tod74 05-28-2010 10:57 PM

One great thing about a magneto is if you are in the back seat of the truck and you stick it up against the front seat passengers neck and give it a will get his attention. Or so I'm told.

cepx111 05-28-2010 11:18 PM

I see no problem with the ignition you already have.
You can damn near light a camp fire with it.

No expeirence with mags sorry.


suicidebomb 05-29-2010 12:40 AM

I think your present ignition will work great. For the record, you can get peoples attention with a Magneto, they hurt too.

Mudmut 05-29-2010 02:41 AM

Great guys, thanks for the information. Trin real hard to get a smart plan together to convert over to alcohol. Don't want to get home and order parts get almost done then realize that I need a bunch more stuff I didn't know about. I truly appreciate your input.

bbchevy 05-29-2010 06:02 PM

If You Want a Alky Motor to RUN?
Put a Mallory Super Mag 4 in it and Be done,that MSD stuff is OK for a Strett Car or Mild Drag Deal,but You will LIKE the Mag!!!
G 8)

Mudmut 05-29-2010 09:15 PM

bbchevy, thanks for the advice, It is appreciated

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