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Timmyboy86 09-15-2007 05:25 PM

major destroker idea
hey everyone seems to be building these destroked 400's to 377's what if you put a 3 inch crank in it and made a 325 you could use a 6.300 rod and move the piston pins .015 lower from the stock pistons pin height on a 400 piston can you put bronze sleeves in the piston pin bores like in the rods and just offset them .015? be a trick idea for a circle track motor wouldn't take much cylinder head to make it run or would make a pretty cool blower motor wouldn't have to use dish pistons

mytmouz 09-15-2007 05:47 PM

A friend of mine has one in a car now with that bore and stroke and the correct pistons.

Timmyboy86 09-16-2007 05:13 AM

how does it run does he like it.

mytmouz 09-16-2007 06:01 AM

Well and yes. :lol:

firestone 09-16-2007 09:22 AM

Circle track is a little different than my experience, but I once had a 400 block with a 3.295 stroke to make a 358. Although it ran really well for it size, I am sure the car would have been faster with a regular 3.75" stroke. The motor was 14.7:1 compression, had ported brodix 11x heads... It made 608 hp at 7900 RPM. In a 3200 lb car, it ran a 7.15 in the 1/8th and a 6.29 on a 100 shot. Also, with a 406, the RPM range would have been lower which is easier on parts.


bjuice 09-16-2007 12:01 PM

not trying to jump in on the thread BUT d-Stroking has been around for yrs upon years...Years ago they had a CI class in which they compred cubic inch per body weight..( which in my opinion is the correct way to do it ) ...but todays world people stay far from that idea beacuse everything has moved toward the opposite end of the spectrum...a 565 or 582/598 is being considered small motors this day and age..Hell i HAVE EVEN HEARD 632'S BEING CALLED SMALL MOTORS.....

but for the record i have an uncle that holds a NHRA record in a stock class with a s-stroked motor under 380 ci in a 3500lb chevy wagon..he backed up a a pair of 7.50's (1/8 th mile)....ohhh yeah he turned it 12,000 rpm...this was back in 1982...( this will give you an idea0


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