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KarsonRacing 09-15-2009 11:56 AM

Re: E-85?

Originally Posted by bbchevy
Going to Switch my 540"BBC over to E-85!
I have Yet to pull a cylinder Head off,so i'm NOT 100% sure about the Compression other than what the Previouos Owner told me??But,i realy think He was a bit off?He said the Motor had 15:1?I realy think the Motor is closer to 13:1.
Been using a 1100 cfm Gas Dominator.But will switching to a Rons 4.100 Toilet Bowl Injection,i have talked to Colin @ Rons and have there set-up ready to go in Place?
Is there anyone out there that has INFO on this Gas to E-85 Conversion?
Hopefully this will be like switching over to Alcohol?-SMOOOOTH!
G 8)

I have been successfully running E85 in my Injected blown big block. I have not had to adjust the set up in the 2 years that I've run it.
I had Don Gerardot set mine up and its been good to go ever since.


corey454 09-22-2009 07:48 AM

i made the switch the other day and evrything i read says roughly a 30% increase in jetting but evry1 ive talked to says your gona find that it really like around 50% check out these guys have street cars running a 8.90 index on e85 and some awsome racing they can help you im sure

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