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kbartley 07-21-2020 10:40 AM

Cashier Bank Check Texts Here We Go Again! Scam!
Good to see nothing has changed on this Site.
I started browsing here about 2 weeks ago.
I posted a couple of ads for a roadster I'm selling.
So far I've had a consignment company and two bank cashier checks text messages.
The bank checks Start off with. I like the price, they want to send me a check after i give my name and address. We will send a Shipping company
I reply with one word. SCAMMER
Ive stayed away from here because I've been scammed twice already. Oh well benefit of a doubt failed

zorka 09-22-2020 07:04 AM

(How does this scam work, exactly? I'm in a similar situation right now.)
nevermind - got the answer as the scam played out:
1. scammer sends SMS message offering to pay full price with certified check, will send shipper to collect car "after the check has cleared"
2. scammer sends SMS message - "check is on its way"
3. scammer sends SMS message - "check arriving today - by the way, it is for $XXX dollars extra, so you can wire the difference to the shipper"
4. check arrives (via USPS priority mail, in my case)
At this point I took the check to the bank, and they assured me it was bogus - part of a commonplace scam they see all the time.
I communicated this fact to the scammer and said the deal is off - that was that.
The timing is arranged so that the victim deposits the check and wires the money before the check actually bounces, leaving the victim holding the bag.

lesslarr 11-14-2020 03:31 PM

I listed my trailer here in August and I have received FIVE of those slimilar offers. After awhile I started laughing at these guys. Also, from the texts I received I believe English is their second language.

cezmj 12-14-2020 02:12 AM

this fact to the scammer and said the deal is off - that was that.

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