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mytmouz 11-04-2018 05:03 PM

Going old skool! And what a PITA to cobble together in this little truck... MUCH quieter than the Purple Hornie headers mufflers that were on it...

mytmouz 12-01-2018 05:36 PM

Health issues (for me, and a couple of family members) have prevented me from getting back to this until today. I had a carb issue, as noted a few pages back, when I got it running, and swapped to a different carb, but it had a blown power valve, so it was always hard to start, and ran, but not crisply. Swapped over to another supposedly "good" carb, that I got in trade, and promptly had to rebuild it (I hate ethanol fuel). Still popping occasionally through the carb at idle, and poor throttle response. Tore down the carb that has been on it, all looked good, except for the blown power valve, and replaced it. Same issue. The intake was sucking air along the gaskets. Retorqued them, and Sweet times are here. Absolutely no traction through the first 3 gears now...

I still have to finish up the gauges, and finish the side pipes. Then buy some drag radials I guess, even though this is a driver...

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