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antmee 09-24-2013 11:29 AM

beware of fastasu in symore tenn.
BEWARE of seller traderscreen name fastasu in seymore ten n he is a lif you do'ttrade with him or buy if you do be very very cauious believe nothingsee for yout selfpeople like him makes it bad for therest of usand take the fun out of trdingI have done a lot of deal on here an for thr most part thry have ben good I knew exatly what I was getting not from this guyin case he changes his name ohere his phone number is 86552084920in seymore tenn.there are some very good people on here to deal with likw Raymondsuie in Dallas NCand Ken in Huntigdon Pa I wouldtrust them at the drop of a ha have done several deals with bothalways worked good thanks Raymond and KE N at least I know two good traders they all are not bad !

Harbone 09-24-2013 12:58 PM

Did he rip you off or something? Give some details please

fastasu 09-24-2013 02:00 PM

He and I traded at a car show over 2 weeks ago, and this is the first I have heard that he was not happy with the trade. I am not sure if it is a case of buyers\traders remorse, but he could have handled it much better and came to me in a professional manner and we could have worked something out, instead, he messaged me and threatened me and now is talking crap in a forum about me. The car deal was not even done through racingjunk and has nothing to do with racingjunk, he was in person at the car show and had every opportunity to walk away and not do the deal, it is not like I blindsided him and he didn't hear the car or see the car in person. And the best part is that after he threatened me and called me a liar about the car, he asked me to make it up on the next car deal, if I am such a liar, then why would he ever want to trade with me again? lol just thought I would give you a bit more details. He looked at the car for over an hour before he made his mind up.

Harbone 09-24-2013 03:17 PM

I asked fastasu to come over and address the complaint. I do not know him personally but he is one of my friends on RJ and always has some excellent rides for sale.

And that gentlemen is the other side of the story! :D

antmee 09-24-2013 04:46 PM

most of the reason the car was traded was based on the information he gave me. There was a lot of people I know that was standing around that heard him tell me such as telling me the car had highway gears you can not look at a car and tell a car has highway gears or not. The car was parked in a dip in the parking lot and couldn't see the holes in the floor pans on driver side and passenger side I did look at the car for awhile but some things you cant see such as gear ratio Car ended up being a pig with lip stick on but it was a pretty pig until you got pass the lipstick He needs to read his message from me more clearly its not making it up on a car deal with me its making it up with someone else after he makes it right with me' Only reason I posted it on racing junk is because he deals here on racing junk

TheYellaBrick 09-24-2013 05:33 PM

Originally Posted by antmee
. The car was parked in a dip in the parking lot and couldn't see the holes in the floor pans on driver side and passenger side

So, are you saying you asked him if he'd move the car up on level ground so you could look it over closer on the bottom side and he refused ?
Are you also saying that he also refused to jack up one side in the rear or the whole rear end so you could determine how many revs the rear tire turned in relation to the driveline ?

antmee 09-24-2013 05:44 PM

I took his word about the gears in the rear and how solid the car was. Maybe the guy he got it from told him wrong I don't know I wasn't there

TheYellaBrick 09-24-2013 05:48 PM

But YOU, a gearhead, WERE there, in person, and no one held a gun to your head, right ?

antmee 09-24-2013 06:20 PM

not exactly I recently had a massive strole unable to lay on 110 degree asphalt and look under a car. I took his word for it I have to
trust people sometime even though I probably shouldnt

Harbone 09-25-2013 08:17 AM

Originally Posted by TheYellaBrick
But YOU, a gearhead, WERE there, in person, and no one held a gun to your head, right ?

Exactly, should have bought a 6-pack instead...


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