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kanoblock2017 04-30-2019 10:55 AM

Micheal Js Auto Brodix block thief
Back in July 2018 I purchased a custom Brodix block. When I made the purchase I asked if it was a problem to send it to my house. This guy who is the owner said it would be cheaper for him if I sent it to a shop. I proceeded in providing him with an address to a shop. He mistakenly sent it to my home without notification. I do property management so I was out of town at this time. When I came back in town the yellow notices were on my gate stating final attempt was made. I had no idea what this was about even after making several calls to UPS because I had no information tracking number etc etc. I contacted Mike at Micheal Js asking him to send me my block. He responded that I would have to pay shipping fees. I responded why would I pay shipping fees for something that wasnít my mistake you sent to the wrong address. Here it is April of 2019 and I donít have my block and Iím out of 5,200.00 dollars all because of his mistake. This guy is not a real gearhead. I had built several projects and have been swindled before. This place is no good ‼️

SuperComp1R 05-06-2019 01:14 PM

This place is no good? why, because you were out of town? seems both buyer and seller could work together and make this an easy deal, but really guy I do not understand how this site did anything wrong,man up or change hobbys.

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