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topalky1 12-09-2020 01:01 PM

NEED TF chassis "mock up pieces"
Hello Everyone,
I have a new T/F Chassis/body design idea and I need some parts to mock up. I need a used fuel block/bellhousing/reverser and rear end. Obviously as long as it still has all the bolt holes in the right locations I don't need anything usable, a severely windowed block is fine. I will happily pay shipping cost if anyone can come up with something.
This chassis design will NOT pass current NHRA tech inspection but I`m hoping to prove that the design is both stronger/safer FASTER and more reliable than current designs. I`m hoping it is a design that they will eventually pass.

sepmaret11 12-29-2021 02:02 AM

I know they are trying to make it easier for casual players and new players to get to some of the more fun content and play with friends, which I can appreciate, but they should have an option right after that scene to either jump into the red war, or skip for now.

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