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sukkurpunch 03-11-2009 05:19 PM

142 blower on a small block
I'm building a 350 into a 355 i have a weiand 142 blower need suggestions on compression, carburator cam and other things im not sure about. all help will be appreciated new to the blower game but ready to get into it im putting this im a 64 chevy c-10 any help?
fuel pump choice. if there is anything im leaving out please let me know im new to the blower stuff but eager to learn. please go check out my youtube site.
the blower is going on the 64 chevy c-10. in the search engine type in
brokedaddyhotrod (all one word).

thanks alot

Brian Ray

thanks everyone!!!!!

ashbros 03-11-2009 10:56 PM

Well, check out this short video

My boys built a small budget 355 sbc.

4 bolt main block
stock steel crank
hyperutectic flat top pistons
stock rods w/arp bolts
comp 515 lift cam intake/exh 112 lobe sep
brodix track 1 heads they ported out (hogged) it was their first port job
crane roller tip rockers
street dominator intake
100 shot 1050 jimmy evans blower carb

10 bolt
3:73 gears
alburn posi
350 turbo
3200 stall
10" tire 28" tall
no brake, ladder bars or slapper bars.
ran 10:70's

installed a wieand 142 blower with 10 lbs boost
retarded timing
kept the 100 shot on it and ran 10:20'-10:30's crawling out of the hole.

the top end on this motor was amazing.

they ran numerous bottles of nitrous through it and when they got bored with the motor they put it on alky and nitro to see what it would be like to blow it up.

Listen to the truck in the beginning its on pump gas, blower and 10 shot then listen after they put it on nitro and alky.

Pretty responsive, but only made 4 passes on nitro and alky before it self destructed

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