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ironmikeracer 05-28-2015 12:11 PM

auto fab cars and wheels.
This is for all my racing friends and ones that I don't even know. (so in other words please pass this along). I thought I would get bead lock wheels for both my hot rods and went with a company called EXSTREME ENGINEERING OR EXSTREME FAB.COM Bruce Blair owner. I sent him my Vega wheels to have them bead locked and powder coated and have a set of wheels made up for the the S10. I traded him 2 wheels that I had that were 16 by 13 double bead locks for 2 wheels he had to use for the S10 and I wanted 2 sets of Lugs for both cars. So after he bragged about how good his work was and how fast he could get it out to me $1,900 and almost 3 months later this is what I got. The powder coating on the Vega wheels was the worst I've ever seen. The bead lock rings have milling scars all over them and the wheels for the S10 stuck out from the body 4 inches. Now stay with me, it gets better. I told him about the problems. I took the Vega wheels to be bead blasted again ($150) and took them to Deloka Powder Coating in Newark ny who does great work and their prices are very good at $85 per wheel. I sent the 2 S10 wheels back and we decided that I would buy 2 new wheels at his cost. He whacked me $600 for the pair. Summit Pro Shop pricing is $556. He told me he would split the overnight shipping with me ($140 per Bruce), when I called Summit only charges $36 to overnight ship. Bruce charged me $140 for lugs drop shipped from Summit that only cost $82.40 Pro Shop pricing. (Oh by the way this man never lies, ever) I get the new S10 wheels and both leak at the inner ring which was also welded off center so it hits the brake caliper. So I'm out another $600 for new wheels. Bruce won't answer the phone, e-mails or texts to try to resolve the problem I can only pray the Vega wheels were done right. Pass this around because Exstreme Fab's work wouldn't pass certification for a go-cart.
— feeling pissed off.

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