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FlyingMonkey 10-09-2021 07:14 AM

Help Me Understand
In the past month I have reached out to several sellers (both by message and calling direct) with interest in potentially purchasing their cars. On at least 3 occasions I was told that their car had sold but then they rerun their ad again within a couple days. Is this some kind of scam I am not aware of?

Agentz86 12-15-2021 04:50 AM

I don't get any response from sellers or in the forums at all.
Although I only posted 2 posts in the forums so far I did contact a few people about their listings and assumed the items were sold because I got no response. However, I see these items relisted as you have also noticed. I do think they are real listings because the people at Potomac speedway indicated they know the guy who sold one of the items. However, it is confirmed sold by observers who know the person and yet it's relisted on the site again too.

I don't know what to make of it.

GSI_114893928742681855241 01-09-2022 09:36 AM

I had a similar issue can u help me how you got through it ?

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