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chrishester1224 01-23-2008 07:09 PM

how do i non-ecu my 92?
i have a 92 camaro im putting a 383 stroker in. What is the best way to bypass my computer and keep my gauges working. im dying to get all those ugly wires off my car.

cepx111 01-30-2008 10:57 PM

As far as wiring up the HEI distributor, that's as easy as running a 16 gage wire from your ignition switch to the new HEI dist, but the tach is fed from your old dist, so you'll need to find a wiring diagram for your car and find out which wire feeds the tach then simply hook it up to the tach output on the new HEI dist. If your not using any of the computer controlled junk anymore you wont need about 2/3 of the wires currently under the hood, so refer to that wiring diagram again and find the wires that feed your gauges like, E>I. engine coolant temp sending unit and oil pressure gauge sending unit, amp gauge and or alternator light etc, then cut and toss the rest.

Goodluck, Charles

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