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jwhitehead 03-09-2008 07:27 AM

Auto or Lenco
We are running the 5:30 heads up class, right now we are running a glide and running consistent 5:30's , the question is will a Lenco 4 speed make the car run quicker and if so how much.


Tod74 03-09-2008 10:18 AM

I can't see how anything you shift by hand could be more consistant than a 1 shift automatic with air/electric shifter. I know nothing about lencos but looks like the more times you shift the more chance for error.

Just my 1 cent.

ImBack 03-09-2008 05:00 PM

quicker but not as consistent and cost you alot more.

jwhitehead 03-17-2008 03:39 PM

auto or lenco
Looks like we are installing the lenco, I think the fun factor will be worth it!!!!!

Work smart, Play hard.

bryanm 04-03-2008 08:55 AM

A lenco will absolutely be quicker because you are not losing power through a torque converter. They are quite expensive though, my neighbors just bought one and it was 12,000 with no bell housing or clutch.

signsbyesa 04-03-2008 03:27 PM

lenco is making a street/strip trans, it was costly but it realy
takes any traditional looking car and makes it transform into
a racecar the way the lenco takes all the room on the consol
but i heard it is the trans for racing, i went with a TCI th400 8)

SharpMotorsports 04-11-2008 09:19 PM

if You are going to be putting a lenco in you might want to give G-force,or Liberty a call with a lenco you will loss power compared to a liberty or a g-force you do not loss power like you do with a lenco we have a 292 c.u in small block chevy with a G-force clutchless 5 speed running 9.40's in 1/4 and it is just as connsent as a powerglide as long as you are on your shift points everytime

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