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dartmopar 11-07-2009 05:36 PM

hey im new and ned your help
hi my name is dylan and im new to the site and i need your help im lookin for a picture of somebodys truck it is a 73 dodge pickup prostreet it is tan and grey i belive shortbed it is one of my dads old friends and it is forsale and i wanted to see a pic of it any info would be great thanks

DirkaDirka 11-07-2009 05:39 PM

Have you tried looking in the classifieds??

dartmopar 11-07-2009 05:42 PM

no i havent
no i havent tryied the classifides im not sure if it is forsale on here or not he said there were pics on racing junk so i thought i would check it out but i cant sem to find it

DirkaDirka 11-07-2009 05:45 PM

Do you know the guys name on here that has it? If so you could try to check the racespace under his name.

dartmopar 11-07-2009 06:00 PM

how do i check his race space? im sorry im new

dartmopar 11-07-2009 06:05 PM

i tried and it didnt come up i put his name in and only 2 may=tches neither were him

DirkaDirka 11-07-2009 06:22 PM

Its cool bout being new. We were all new at some point.

BTW welcome to RJ. The racespace you can find a tab on the home page of RJ. If you havent gone there already. What is the name of the guy that has it on here? Maybe one of us on here may know him personally.

dartmopar 11-07-2009 06:38 PM

i hope so i want to see a pic of the truck it is a 73 dodge short bed pickup narrow tubbed an painted silver and tan

DirkaDirka 11-07-2009 06:49 PM

Ok. Wht is the guys name??

dartmopar 11-07-2009 07:09 PM

his first name is tommy im not sure on his last name

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