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SaTexasBad67 06-26-2009 07:23 AM

HELP!!! Ford, 300/6, Hi-Pro, Parts, Needed!
I am building a T-bucket rat rod as a surprise
For my son who is in Iraq on his second deployment!

He has always wanted a hot rod so I have
been finding parts here and there and a lot
of good folks have helped me out with quite
a few freebies which has help in the
money department!

I have acquired the engine and transmission for
the car and now I’m looking for used hi-pro parts
to re-build It and soup it up! I’m looking for these
parts that are listed below, if you or someone you
know mite have these sitting around your garage
and you would like to help me with this project
please let me know! (Not Begging, just asking!) :wink:

(Engine Ford 300 truck six w/ C6 transmission)


* Street cam
* Rockers
* Lifters
* Alum. Valve cover
* Headers
* Offy or Clifford intake manifold
* Carb Linkage
* Electric fuel pump

If you have any of these items and want to
help me out then please contact me at: [email protected][/img]

TheYellaBrick 06-26-2009 03:25 PM

Be patient of responses to this request. We are all diehard patriotic Americans who support ouir troops 1 million percent. HOWEVER, there are scads of scammers out there who pull scams based on this very type of request. Unfortunately you will have to prove your legitimacy before you get parts and pieces. Sorry but that's the way it is nowadays.....If you are legit, I salute you AND your son for your sacrifice and love of country.

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