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RonOwensRacing 01-22-2008 02:57 PM

Complaints about my ad's please step forward
I know most aren't going to believe this but again there are complaints. :shock:

Now all i would like to know from the one's that are complaining step up and voice your opinion dont hide behind your key board explain your self to all of us what the problem is and then maybe we all will understand.
So far there is 96 to 6 on the pole but there has been calls again to RJ and i told RJ i would comply with what ever they wanted me to do .

So a lot of people has said what they think except for those that dont want me to use her so tell us why.

And once again i say thank you and your opinion is appreciated.

Ron Owens Racing & performance parts.

hammertime 01-22-2008 03:13 PM

I guess if its a hassel for you then take them off ...

IMO they are some decent looking women :D
but .. also makes your business look like some backyard hillbilly place that has to use girls to try and sell things.... looks trashy to me

RonOwensRacing 01-22-2008 03:27 PM

Well at least you spoke your mind about it and i appreciate your input.

I'm still amazed but i like people to speak how they feel thanks you.

hammertime 01-22-2008 03:30 PM

Originally Posted by rlmotorsports
Well at least you spoke your mind about it and i appreciate your input.

I'm still amazed but i like people to speak how they feel thanks you.

Not a problem, I did note vote or call though :D I cant bieleve anyone would call .. there is far to many other things I'd rather do with my time.

insane4fbodys 01-22-2008 03:31 PM

Not to pick a fight here but if women selling stuff offends you. Then I'm sure you watch no TV at all. Or look at very little ads as that is commonplace anymore. It seems to me if it's done tasteful, then by all means let her stay. Does she help sell more parts, hmm maybe? But when I look through ads and such and see something that strikes my attention, I'm going to stop and look at it. Whether a nice looking woman or bad a$$ looking car. Now that who ever it is, they have my attention and if I need it or want it, I may even buy it. I'm sorry to all this offends, because it's my opinion, but I see no more wrong with those PICS, then watching soaps or national TV. They have less on and usually made to make you think of sex period. JMO But you can't make everone happy 100% of the time

Sox 01-22-2008 03:34 PM

I dont have a problem with your adds. These people that complain do they watch T.V. There worse things on the T.V. than your adds.Dont change nothing old guys like me like looking at pretty girls. The saying is sex sells. If thats true Im buying.

spib 01-22-2008 03:42 PM

please dont give into the one or two people that think this is offensive!!! because of one or two people, or very few people we cant say MERRY CHRISTMAS, or things like IN GOD WE TRUST please stand up for what you believe in, I will stand up !!!!!!! your adds are good, they are not offensive if you are asked to take them off, tell me in a pm and I will be gone!!!!!! whats right is right, dont let a few dictake what you do!!!! We have all spoke on this

bjuice 01-22-2008 03:47 PM

Keep the lady Ron.....i am a Hillbilly and your ad is working on me..i need a starter for my 632ci me a # to call you..its time to spend some money with you my friend.

Thanks Brian

and by the way...Tom is a Great white North Hillbilly ,he just doesn't know it yet...lmao...

shawnp 01-22-2008 03:52 PM

There is sex in advertising everywhere you look. I think that Kook's uses a model for some ads on here as well.

There is nothing wrong with it as long as it is tastefull. Your model is wearing what 90% of what most girls wear these days. Heck, you see more skin in a high school. :shock:

RonOwensRacing 01-22-2008 03:55 PM

Thanks spib i thought it was all over until today when i got the call and was asked to remove one of the pic's that was posted.

so i removed it and replaced it with another one that was OK so far .
i guess there will be a vote on this from upper management i dont know .RJ was nice about it when they called and i understand were there coming from they have to handle all complaints and that's fine i dont have a problem with that they have to look out for there business also .

I was wanting the people that had the problem to come in and tell us all why so maybe we all could see there point.

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