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RobPetrie 02-21-2010 09:16 AM

How do you tell if a item has been sold on this site
Like the title reads how do you tell? I have called about alot of the toters that are for sale on this site and many of them are already sold. If not why dont the sellers remove the ad and stop wasting potential buyers time? Does anybody know of a better site to look at used toters that are FOR SALE? Sorry if this post has a bad tone but I am getting very frustrated making call after call just to be told its sold or I dont really want to sell it but my wife is making me so I listed it here and just tell everybody its sold or I am upside down on it so you will have to wait to buy it till I get (insert dollar amount here) or some other BS story on why the truck is listed on here for sale but cant be bought. :x Thanks for letting me vent, rant over

hammertime 02-21-2010 09:20 AM

a lot of these dealers with toters would rather keep the ad on so you call and maybe they can sell you something else. My membership ran out last week and I've yet to renew it for several reasons .. I might renew just because the 5 ads but I havent decided

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