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efamous 04-09-2011 09:08 PM

need suggestion for newbee to alcohol
1. what setup: carb or injection
2. what are the pros and cons of each
3. maintenance

my engine is a 421ci SB2 in a tube chassis '69 Camaro @ 2500# with a powerglide.

shawnp 04-10-2011 06:17 AM

I have always been partial to Rupert alky carbs. I do have an APD that I am going to try out on a 355 this year to see how they work. I have also run hat injection. If I were to go back to injection, I would probably go with a Ron's set up from James Monroe. James has these combos really figured out. The injection is good for .15-.20 over a carb in the 1/4 from my experience. It hits harder and gets up on the wheel faster than a carb. I like the softer hit with the carb. We race on some pretty questionable surfaces throughout the summer.

I recommend a vacuum pump to help keep the oil clean. Your oil will get milky with alky if you do not have a vacuum set up or a good breather set up on the car. I like to change the oil about once a month with the alky.

Make sure if you go to the carb to get a good lean out set up for warm up or if you got injection, get the Primer Plus from James. This will allow you to start and warm up on gas and then switch to alky.

bbchevy 04-10-2011 10:25 AM

Put a Rons Terminator or Toilet on and Call it a DAY!
These things are the Best thing Since SLICED Bread!Put a Cheap EGT Montitor on the exhaust and Tune with it,you should'nt hacve any Oil Contamiation w/its on the $$$.
Like Shawn said,James is a Great tuning,Source!
G 8)

zipper06 04-10-2011 12:46 PM

As mentioned above Ron's is a good setup and super easy to tune. I personally prefer stacks injection, but right now i have toilet on my car. To warm my car up i just pull the fuel shutoff half open, and also drive to the water box like that, then open it up fully, but a vacuum setup is better.
The other thing stacks injection for the SB2, start's out about $4,000.00 from Kinsler (ouch!)



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