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whitey70ss 12-22-2009 08:07 AM

HP ????
anyone give me a guess on hp .....
454 .30 over
10.2 to 1 comp
cam is 234 244 .553 .578 112LS soilid flat tappet
patriot heads 320cc runners, comp valve job ferea valves
roller rockers
edelbrock victor jr
quick fuel 850cfm
If you need more info let me know. thanks in advance.

Pwmax 12-22-2009 08:36 AM

Should make 550hp easy. Personaly, I would run a bigger cam, with less lob sep. It will make a lot more power. If you want a smoother idle with decent vaccum, then the cam you have will work good. I would also use the 950 quickfuel too, there is 20hp there.


whitey70ss 12-22-2009 09:21 AM

I want a nasty Idle but dont want to lose to much low end , any suggestions?

TheYellaBrick 12-22-2009 04:12 PM

Yank one plug wire... It's either Performance or posing, can't have both.

zipper06 12-22-2009 10:16 PM

I think you need more cam, that cam is smaller than the factory L88 cam from back in the 1960's. I don't know what the HP is but we're running a .660/.654 thumper in a 468" same compression pump gas and it's pushing a 3700 lb plus 66 Biscyne less driver to [email protected] it is a solid roller cam though and we're running a 1050 Dom. It's been 6.23 @ 108 & 10.13 @ 131.82 with a 150 shot. It idles @ 900 rpm



Pwmax 12-23-2009 02:35 AM

If you want a nasty idle, that cam isn't going to do it. It will lope, be be pretty tame. Plus it will limit the potential of those heads. If you want it to sound nasty, and make good power, something like 258-264 at .050, with 110 lobe sep will make good power. I would guestimate it would make easily 620hp and 575 tq with those heads. I have no dyno data on the Patriot heads yet, I do however, have 2 engines I am working on now, and using those heads. For the money, they aren't bad, they have a pretty nice port, and, they really come around with porting, they are a much nicer head then the Pro-comps, for a budget head. The flow numbers on my bench, un-touched, with a 2.3 intake valve they went 364 at .700, and went turbulent. With porting, not a radical port job, so far, they go 394 at .800. Pretty decent for a port barely 320cc. They were smaller than 320 to start. Thats with Patriots valve job, which can be improved. Once I hone the guides, as a few you can't even get the valves in, and re-cut the seats with the valve job I typicaly use on that type of head, they will easily go over 400.


whitey70ss 12-24-2009 07:48 AM

I have to make a cam selection by monday, That being said I need some opinions on a camshaft. I'm leaning towards a hyd roller, I know there alot more money but I'm looking at the durability and performance. Any help will be appreciated.

Pwmax 12-24-2009 08:31 AM

Erson has a good cast core cam, thats reasonable, and doesn't need a broze gear, its 254-262 at .050, .633 lift, and 110+4 lobe sep. It will make good power, and sound good. Its about $240. Anything similiar, from comp, Lunati, etc, will work too.


whitey70ss 12-28-2009 08:12 AM

I went with a hyd. roller 242 248 602 602 112LS. let me know what you think.

whitey70ss 12-29-2009 02:38 PM


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