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lookingaround 07-20-2008 06:44 AM

ED aka edvancedengine
got an email from him last night his health is not to good. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

lively 07-20-2008 09:15 AM




Tod74 07-20-2008 10:52 AM

Wow hate to hear that. Always enjoy his posts.

bowtie4542001 07-20-2008 05:17 PM

Thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. God Speed Ed, we miss hearing from you.


outlaw256 07-20-2008 08:32 PM

in the few months ive been here he has help me so much and he doesnt even know it.ive never been one to pray but for ed im gonna start right now

bbchevy 07-21-2008 06:43 AM

We NEED you ED!! Hope Things are Better!
G 8)

qtrmile2 07-21-2008 04:00 PM

Thoughts and prayers go out.

edvancedengines 07-21-2008 11:19 PM

I really chreish and desire your prayers. Thanks for the person who said they don't usually pray but would for Ed. Sir that is called a sacrifice of prayer becuase it is something hard for you to do. I am blessed you would now pray for me and happy to read this. You and your prayers will surely be blessed, in it. No reason now to stop talking to God is there ;)

Several whom I had sent Hosp info and Cell number sent me text messages, and I appreciated them. I was overwhelmed with phone calls, but in my frustration was eating it up

My email is working fine. PM does not. Also have unlimited text meassges now and new Cell Phone. All phones are transfered to cell for awhile and texting is best.

I can not talk.
Went into emergency room in VA Hosp Dallas at 7: pm Sunday nite. Someone had left some notes about me to the ER Registrations/Admittance staff. That did help some. They were already waiting for me and said something to me about me not coming in Saturday. Still was a bunch of paperwork.

I had with my sports bag with 8 new undershorts- 8 new sock pairs, Deodrant, shaving stuff, 2 pair of jeans 2 T shirts, 2 towells and 2 wash clothes, My Bible-3 other new religous books I have not yet read, 1 roll of toilet paper, small extension cord and phone charger. Bag was a little heavy for me. I had my 2 icey cold sport's drink bottles that go with me everywhere, at least one does, iT helps me to stay alive. I have to have icey cold water instantly like Emergency. I also took with me a small ice cooler with a few Dr. Peppers 12 os bottles, and much cubed ice with my Emergency Ice Packs which stay with me here in the shop or when I am traveling, consisting of Small Towel and Washcloth. They forst tole me I could not bring my icey drink bottle and my cooler in before I got them to understand that I have to have them to keep living when an attack hits me. Before I had moved from 1st stage admittance I suffered one of my breathing attacks right in fron of them, so they saw how urgent my little tool and suppies for me to cope are for me. They gave me a wheelchair for my stuff and it stayed with me all the time I was in hospital.

When I reached 2nd stage of admissions/Registration, there was several people ahead of me sitting and they rolled me right inside the door. They had me sit and made a phone call for someone to get me a bed ready. Next they did Vital Sign tests awhile. after was fully Registered in and almost admitted, (I thought with all they were doing I had been admitted in). Next saw a ER Doctor for exams with a Spark Plug Reader . Had another attack in the Doctors Exam room and the running water in her sink was not running. I had my icey water bottles with me so used them to flood my throat to help get some of the mucous and blood thinned so I could choke it up. Usually it takes what seems like 3 to 5 minutes of me gagging, choking, and heaving before I get back to breathing normal. That really hurts my stomach each time.

Next stage was putting me in a bed and hooking me up to check heart and more blood pressure checks and temp checks. That was my bed all the rest of the time I was in ER.

I was really impressed with how nice everyone was and how nice the hospital ER section was. Everyone of us with a bed was partioned from other beds some and were positioned around the ER Doc Station in center of large room, so they could all see all of us at the same tine and yet we did not have a feeling of being in a crowded room. Nothing like the Army Hospitals I was in.

There was where they did my blood work. For some reason over several hours they drew blood 3 different times. They tested my heart and my vitals also three times.

At close to 2am I asked them if this is where I would be the rest of the night or what comes next. The NUse asked me am I admitted as a patient yet. I showed her the needle aparqatus in my arm and my arm band, and said laughingly, that By lokking at his I would say I am an admitted patient. She told me that to her it didn't. They would not know until all the results came from all the testing for the ER Doctors to make that decision.

Went back to my bed and a guy came and hooked me up again to watch my heart, pressures, and stuff. I was really cold so covered up as good as I could and went to sleep.

One of the ER Doctors woke me at appx 5:am, in his words with some great news put possible a complication. His slight complications was. Let me tell you Big Guy, you have a big cancer in your mouth that is what is causing the things it is infecting to expand and close your throat keeping you from eating. I am sending you to our EENT Specialist Wednesday for him to help you. You need a specialist. We spoke a little about the cancer and I told him I am ok with it. HE responded that he can not say for sure it is cancer, he is not a specialist

His great news was I was going to get to go back home and not be admitted in. I asked him abpout feding me though the iv and about if I could get some anti-biotics to maybe help with some swelling, asking if they could do that through the iv connections still hooked to me, while I am here. His words were "Big Guy, your blood percentages are perfect and we can't add any medications. The specialist will have to make those decisions.

I asked him about my weaknesses and my dizzy falling down attacks and the heat stroke the previous day. He said you are weak and dizzy from not eating. I told him I spend almost half the day trying to eat. I want to eat. His words were when you see the EENT WEdnesday he will set you up to clip out the blockages.


This morning for awhile I was having blood run from my nose. Don't understand that. First time for that with this issue.

You asked so I have layed it all out. Apppreciate your concern. .


bowtie4542001 07-21-2008 11:37 PM

Praying that you get great news Wednesday. Please keep us informed.


gimmemud 07-22-2008 05:54 AM

Stay strong Ed, my thoughts and prayers are with you bud.

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