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flight71 07-23-2009 07:30 AM

API Bolt together converter
Anyone ever use one of these? What do you all think of them, are they worth the money, thanks

sommersracing 07-25-2009 12:46 PM

What is your application? I run a Neal Chance bolt together, Its nice if you are going to service it your self or adjust it.

flight71 07-25-2009 04:56 PM

427 small chevy, with a 250 shot on it, 3300lb 4x4 truck heads up drag racing in the mud

just heard good things about them and was trying to get some more input before buying a new one. l have used tci, and coan in the past and had great luck with both but always looking for something new

Racefab57 07-28-2009 08:50 AM

Ive got an API bolt together converter,works great!!! DR.

chevyfireball 07-30-2009 07:31 PM

I have a Neal Chance all aluminum converter in my Nova. It reduced the rotating mass by 6 lbs. Sixty foots dropped from 1.14 to 1.06 and ET dropped from 7.06 to 6.84. Cost a lot of money but well worth it. Easy to change the stall by moving shims. Have a spare stator incase I'm not running nitrous. You can clean the thing out yourself if theres a transmission disaster.

Marty Chance is a great guy. Check out the pics of the converter on my RJ profile below.

oldandtired 07-31-2009 09:37 AM

[quote="chevyfireball"]You can clean the thing out yourself if theres a transmission disaster.quote]

And as mentioned, change your stall at any time. Those two features are worth the money.


ashbros 08-16-2009 08:17 PM

If you ever saw one of these up close and apart, you would be amazed. The technology is outstanding

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